Partner with Shop Gina Celeste

At Shop Gina Celeste we want to highlight everyBody! Want to share your love for SCG and be highlighted on our feed and receive discounts or free items? Apply to be a Brand Ambassador or Brand Rep!

  • Brand Ambassador- Perfect for those who are just starting out on Instagram and want to build up their collaboration portfolio!
   As a brand ambassador you will receive a personal code where you can purchase Shop Gina Celeste Clothing for a limited time discount. This discount will be exclusive to you and cannot be shared. You will also receive a discount code you can share with your followers. There are not requirements for coupon redemption or post frequency in the brand ambassador program.
  • Brand Rep- Perfect for those who have a more established Instagram and Social Media presence surrounding fashion and style. No follower requirement.

     As a brand rep you will receive a monthly shop credit to use to purchase any (regular priced) item. You will also get an exclusive coupon code you can share with you followers. You may also use this coupon code to purchase additional items. Brand Reps are required to post at minimum 8x a month (combined across all their SM platforms)   and get at minimum 10 coupon redemption a month to maintain brand rep status.    


Simply fill out the form link below and we'll be in touch within a week to let you know!


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