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Your Boutique is in your House?!

Gina Melvin

When I'm out at events or chatting with people about my business, I always am asked "Where are you located?" "Where is your store?" Well great question...see it's in my house. (insert "waaaaa?" look here) 

Having a space in our home to be able to express and create was something that my husband and I intentionally planned for when we were building the house. Those who know my story (or read past posts) know that I come from a background business where in-home parties and events are super common and not weird. But moving into a more independent world and one dominated by well curated brick and mortar stores, my situation can be a bit "different".

Would I one day love to have my name on my own shop? Absolutely! Complete with all the woes of finding parking and everything. But in all seriousness, I'd lie if I said that wasn't the ultimate goal. However, I am thankful that with this time and space to create, I'm able to truly grow not only as a brand or company but in my knowledge of how to best serve those who walk through my (now virtual) doors. So, so many small businesses shut down because of the weight and the burden owning a store can bring. It's not easy and I can't even imagine trying to navigate what I'm learning while also being consumes with extra rent, taxes, insurance ect. 

  Now obviously those things are literally the price of doing business, but i feel fortunate that I can operate not without the confines of those weights. 

  My current set up may not be conventional, and you may be super weirded out by it and that's ok (you can shop online and it totally won't be weird) but I'm thankful to have it and thankful for a support team that empowers me to do so. 

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