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Small Business Saturday and Beyond

Gina Melvin

As I reflect on the past few weeks of being "officially open" with my new business venture- I can' help but look back at the journey I went on that lead me here. 

  From so many jobs in retail and sales to time spent with other direct sales and branded ventures-they all lead me to this point. and of course-nothing would be possible without the support of you all (and especially my husband)

  But as much as I always always want to say thank you to you all- I feel like it falls of deaf ears unless you truly know WHY I'm saying thank you and WHAT it means when you shop a small business.

   The term "small business" can mean a lot of things- from someone working solo from their garage to a mom n pop business with 100+ employees. Regardless of their payroll count or business location-small businesses deserve our respect and appreciation no matter the time of year.

   Respect comes in many forms, from understanding their "outside of the office" demands may be different than that mall store- or they can't bring in styles as quickly as the big-box stores. And appreciation that their lives are literally entwined in either the success or failure of this business.

   This brings me to something many small businesses struggle with- pricing. I know as a boutique owner- I may not be the cheapest and I also may not be the most expensive. I can't run sales like the big box stores or order in giant volumes to get price breaks. But what I can say - is that each item is picked specifically with your style and budget in mind-and most importantly in a size range that accommodates all women. 

   But I also respect my customers just as they respect me and know that there are many places they can shop and I want to ensure how I conduct business is something they can be proud to support. 

  So as we approach the biggest shopping weekend of the year and like you all-I'll be out scouting the big deals! But as you weave in and out of the mall and box-store- don't forget about us little ones! We may not be able to give you that crazy low deal- but what we can give you is the assurance that your purchase will be the best it can be. And in return- you are giving us the assurance that we CAN be our own boss and provide for our families. 

   So I say THANK YOU because each top you buy, each person you refer to me- equals one step closer to a larger goal and one that I could not do without you all. 

  I look forward to shopping with you and serving you this Holiday Season and beyond and THANK YOU for spending some time with me!



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