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Peace Out 2018

Gina Melvin

i feel like today is the day when everyone decides they'll get sentimental about their experiences the past year and document all the good (and bad) that happened to them. Well I suppose this post is me hoping on the nostalgia-train.

   Since I want this shop to be authentic and personal, I feel that sharing my story on how Shop Gina Celeste came to be in 2018 is important to both you my customer and my friend.

   As many of you know who have followed my business journey the past few years, I was with a large branded clothing company since August of 2016. Despite what may be in the news or on your timeline feed, I can't really speak of any negatives to my experience with this company. Being apart of it taught me so much not only as a business owner, but as a person in developing my interpersonal skills and connections.

   Some other detail many of you know (or maybe don't) is that I lost my full time job in February of 2018. I was out of work until May of that year and let me tell you it took a toll on me emotionally. I don't feel anyone should be defined by the title on their business card and I am and was a generally happy and carefree person and when you have someone else dictate your worth and value-it can be a blow to the psyche. I don't know if I really want to use the word "depressed" to describe my emotional state during those few months but I can say with confidence that I was not myself.

  During that time I was thankful to have my "side business" that helped so much financially and emotionally. It was so fulfilling to be able to serve my friends and customers more since i had the time and although I was thankful for the structure and support of this brand, the wheels began to turn in my head to something more.

  Now let me back up slightly and say - this idea of running my own boutique didn't originate in 2018- actually it was probably in high school or earlier when teachers would ask you "what do you want to do when you grow up" (side note-that's a horrible question to ask ) I'd always loved the curation of style and helping my friends develop outfits and looks. I actually even spent a year in college studying textiles and fashion business management. (this will be another post)

   I joined this branded company in August of 2016 with the idea that- this will help me to someday open up my own boutique. And you know what-it did. The skills I developed and the relationships I formed have helped immensely in this start up process.

   Flash forward to October of this year, when I made the "executive business decision" to cut ties with the branded company and head out on my own. 

I'll write another post on my experience starting a new company but I do want to say now-as we close out this year-that I am so thankful this was the decision that was made. 

  While loosing my job, missing other opportunities and coming to hard realizations may not have been the "best" parts of 2018, without those events occurring-I wouldn't be where I am right now.

So here's a cheers to 2019 for what is to come and a Peace out to 2018, you've been good but it's time for more!



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